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Phoenix Cups

We incorporate the Phoenix Cups framework into a number of our workshops. We teach you how to properly incorporate the framework into your daily routines to help with managing children's behaviours, whilst looking after your own wellbeing.

From children's behaviour to the behaviour of adults, we can customise something to suit the needs for you and your team.

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Educator Wellbeing

Imagine a team building session that gets your whole team thinking clearer, feeling happier, more motivated, and productive. This workshop is run by Christopher Phoenix who discusses wellbeing concepts through various modes of entertainment, including poignant games and demonstrations.

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An Educator's Toolkit for Behaviour

Explore the tools that educators use to understand children's behaviour and guide their social decisions. Learn to apply the Phoenix Cups framework to any behavioural challenge to design effective and respectful strategies.

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The Phoenix Cups Foundations

Introduce your whole team to a philosophical framework that will guide you to share ideas, language, and understandings about each other's behaviour. Through this team workshop you'll gain a new perspective of why people interact the way they do, how needs not being met affect behaviour, and what you can start doing to live a fulfilling life.

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Strong Leaders, Stronger Teams

Applying strength based practice, positive psychology ideas, and solution focus to your leadership.

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Team building day

We'll work with you to customise a transformative day for your team. With a mix of presentations (using some of the Phoenix Cups foundations), workshopping, and team building activities, your team will learn loads about themselves and each other, while having loads of fun.

Children's Behaviour + Development with Dr Louise Porter

Professional Development workshops by Dr Louise Porter, author of Young Children's Behaviour, and esteemed children's behaviour expert.

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Children are people too - Behaviour guidance

A bespoke course with Dr Louise Porter to inspire your team to implement a guidance approach to understanding and supporting children's behaviour. This mindset shifting workshop by Dr Louise Porter will change the way you see children's behaviour and give your team skills to guide children's behaviour. Choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced.

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The Children's Behaviour Masterclass

This Masterclass has been touring cities throughout Australia since 2016. You can find Masterclasses to attend in our Events tab. If you want to bring it to your area, all you need is 30 willing participants, then get in touch and we'll organise the rest.

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Children's development with Dr Louise Porter

Understanding children's development is paramount to effective planning for children's wellbeing and learning in early years settings. This full day in-service workshop designed for early childhood educators will cover content around intellectual, language, gross and fine motor, sensory, social and emotional development.

Educational Program and Practice

These in-service workshops are delivered by the Phoenix Support for Educators core team of facilitators. Our team can travel anywhere across Australia and beyond. If we can't get to you in person, online options are available.

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An Environment I can BE in

Inspiring educators to construct spaces of endless possibilities for children to engage. Explore functional and natural aesthetic environments and seek inspiration to create learning spaces that reflect the natural local landscape

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Documenting to Discover

Rethinking children's learning by capturing it through quality documentation. Develop a whole team approach to plan for emerging possibilities and document to discover. 

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Educators, Know your stuff

Pedagogy, practices, and principles. Examining the concepts that form the foundation of the Early Years Learning Framework.

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Children with Chickens - with Gabby Millgate

Unpack and explore the ideas within The Book Book Book: Chickens in early childhood. 

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Respectful Infant Education and Care

Gain a deeper understanding of what respectful practices look like in early education and care of babies and toddlers. Walk away with simple, effective strategies to improve your practice and benefit the babies in your care.

Advanced workshops for teams who have completed foundation sessions

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Filling The Safety Cup and The Connection Cup

A deeper look at supporting children to gain a sense of security and self-worth. 

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Taking the Fun Cup seriously in Educational Programs

Considering Joy as a key outcome and play as a serious curriculum decision in education and care programs. 

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Mastering Autonomy in Education and Care

Delve into supporting children's self competence through Mastery Cup filling, and fostering autonomy through Freedom Cup filling.

Professional Development Packages

Bundles of workshops to see you through the year.

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Best staff meeting ever

Let us cover a staff meeting, or maybe 3? Choose a package that will suit your team. We'll work with you to customise a day or a package that covers areas and identified needs mapped to your Quality Improvement Plan. 

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VIP package

Enjoy a whole year of support, Professional Development, and online training. 

From Our Partners

We partner with specialists in their field who offer workshops of the calibre you'd expect from Phoenix Support for Educators. We know you'll love these sessions from experts in STEM, food education, and nature pedagogy.

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Engineering is child's play

Learn hos to put the E in STEM with Dr Andrew King and Engibear. This workshop includes a gorgeous resource kit so your confidence to teach engineering in your education and care program extends well beyond your workshop. 

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Mealtimes to Maximise Learning

The what, when, where, how and how much to feed children. Build the confidence of educators and parents to manage children's picky eating. 

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Beyond the Sandpit - With Jen and Narell

Immerse your team in nature as you gain skills to teach children naturally. 

We'll customise to suit your needs. Contact us to start designing your perfect professional development package.