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Our latest exciting project – support resources for educators like NEVER before!

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How do I 'manage' children's behaviour during group time? 

Children 'behave' as they do because they are human. Whether that behaviour is in line with expectations or not, does not deem it “appropriate” or “inappropriate”.

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Phoenix Cup Filling Cards

Phoenix Cup Filling Cards - educating people about basic human life needs and the value of filling your cups and the cups of those around you.

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The Advocate for Childhood: A Freedom Cup Filler

Let’s discuss ‘that child’ found in many education and care settings. However, let’s not label him ‘that child’, and respectfully use his real name, Jacob.

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The Phoenix Cups Kit - Educators Toolkit

Yup, it's here! The complete 'Phoenix Cups Kit' behaviour resource for educators is now available to order.

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Educators - Know Your Stuff

Four things that Educators who know how to exceed do that Educators working towards the National Quality Standard don’t.

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Early Years TV

Early Years TV features interviews, discussions and presentations from leading theorists and practitioners all designed to help your professional development as an Early Years Practitioner and Educator. 

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The Children's Behaviour Masterclass

 Dr Louise Porter and Sandi Phoenix will be supporting you in rethinking behaviour ‘management’ during a Masterclass tour to capital cities. 

Join us for a powerful day to re-think and re-frame the role of teachers and educators in supporting children’s emerging social competence. This event will flex your thinking, question your knowing, and change your practice forever.

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Where are we going to be?

Phoenix Support present at various conferences and events around the country. You can find upcoming events hosted by Phoenix Support in our events tab (scroll up). We've also listed a few conferences that are coming up that you can find us at over the next 12 months. 

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Our Vision

We believe that children should be nurtured in an environment that promotes a child’s sense of curiosity, wonder and imagination that fosters exploration and learning through play. We are influenced by the most current and relevant research and theory to support curriculum development, documentation, meaningful play experiences, positive behaviour guidance and environmental aesthetics. Phoenix Support for Educators embraces the new world revolution in children’s services by supporting and facilitating change and progress with fresh ideas and inspiration!

Our Mission

Phoenix Support for Educators is committed to delivering professional development and customised support from a foundation of the most current and relevant research and theory as a part of a recipe for quality practice in Education and Care. Phoenix Support supports curriculum development, documentation, meaningful play, behavioural guidance and environmental aesthetics. We inspire educators to conquer the new world in early childhood education by igniting passion, awareness and confidence for what is possible as reflective practitioners.