What is the Phoenix Cups?

The Phoenix Cups is a philosophical framework which your team can use to share ideas, language and understandings about human behaviour. 

The Phoenix Cups Framework:

* Is for facilitating solution focused conversations about behavioural challenges;

* Provides a common language to easily communicate ideas and strategies with a focus on meeting needs rather than managing behaviours;

* Provides templates for team members to collect useful data to bring to professional conversations;

* Supports educators and teachers with an end goal of designing better behaviour strategies that will address the underlying function of the child’s behaviour;

* Facilitates reflection, critical thinking and change around supporting children’s behavioural and social learning in education and care; and

* Leads educators and teams to new ways of thinking about all human behaviour.

The Phoenix Cups

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The Educator's Toolkit for Behaviour Workshop

Participants will explore the reasons and functions that drive children’s behaviour as developing human beings using an analogy about filling cups (The Phoenix Cups Approach) based on many theoretical frameworks and research including Maslow and Glasser.

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