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By Michelle Worthington

Children's Book Collection

A Collection of Michelle Worthington's Best Children's Books.

Glitch spends his life searching through mountains of mouldy mess at the dump. He wants to make the fastest billycart ever. This year, he will be competing in the Big Race!
But will his twitch stop him from winning?

The Pink Pirate
Georgia can swim like a dolphin, do back flips of the gangplank, climb the rigging like a monkey and battle with swords like any swashbuckling pirate. She is the daughter of one of the most famous pirates on the seven seas and he thinks that girls should wear pink and stay out of trouble. But Georgia proves girls can do anything they want to be, if they believe in themselves.

Possum Games
Late at night on a rusty tin roof, just near an old mango tree, the possums compete in games of skill and daring. Riley has always wanted to join in, but he is not a fast runner, a high jumper or a strong thrower.
Until one particular noisy Possum Games night, Riley discovers he has some amazing skills after all.

The Three Legged Kangaroo From Uluru
This plucky little kangaroo from Uluru is a new Aussie hero who will help children celebrate what makes them special.

The World's Worst Pirate
Pirates are swashbuckling, treasure hunting, buccaneers of the seven seas. But if your mother is the Pirate Captain and you can't stand on deck without getting seasick... that makes William The World's Worst Pirate. When the ship is attacked, can he use his own special talent to save the day?

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