Children's Behaviour Masterclass

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Children's Behaviour Masterclass


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You can now participate in a Masterclass from anywhere in the world! 

After years of touring this event to capital cities across Australia, Sandi and Louise are now appearing on a screen near you. The masterclass will be held quarterly as an online week long event. You will have access to recorded content, AND you can join Sandi and Louise live for Q&A webinar sessions. You are going to love this new format, watching and rewatching videos over a week, downloading workbooks, tip sheets, and posters, and getting advice directly from the experts.

Self paced recorded content AND live webinar

Dr Louise Porter and Sandi Phoenix will be supporting you in rethinking behaviour ‘management’.

Join us for a powerful masterclass to re-think and re-frame the role of teachers and educators in supporting children’s emerging social competence. This event will flex your thinking, question your knowing, and change your practice forever.


Mastering Behaviour guidance with Dr Louise Porter

Louise will sugest how educators can prevent most behavioural disruptions in children by meeting the children's needs. A Q&A session about the implementation of a guidance approach will shed some light on practical strategies.  

Mastering The Phoenix Cups Framework with Sandi Phoenix

If you're a seasoned Phoenix Cupser, you'll love this session. If you're new to the Phoenix Cups (or need revision) don't worry, we'll catch you up before the day with some exclusive resources and video recording so you come to the day ready to master.

Explore the reasons and functions that drive children’s behaviour as developing human beings using the Phoenix Cups Framework. A Q&A session about the Phoenix Cups and the design of cup-filling strategies will ensure you leave with a cup filling plan to implement straight away.    

Leading behaviour change in education settings

You’re excited and inspired but how do you pollinate this change to your team? The end of the day will focus on discussion about how you can become change agents to sustain ongoing reflective practice at your service. 

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to be a part of leading behaviour change in education and care

Reflect and rethink

Unpack common tools used by educators and teachers to support behaviour and reflect on their place in today's settings

Learn and understand

Consider new techniques for guiding children's behavioural and social learning, including behaviour that appears to happen for 'no reason'

Document and discover

Learn how to effectively document behavioural incidences, meltdowns and complex inclusion challenges and to apply an effective framework to developing meaningful support plans


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Meet your facilitators

Sandi Phoenix

Sandi is the founding company director and Principal Facilitator at Phoenix Support for Educators. Sandi’s coaching and consultancy style comes from a strengths-based perspective and is informed by a comprehensive understanding of the National Quality Framework and underpinning theory.

Sandi takes a positive approach to guiding expected behavioural choices within inclusive learning environments, following vast experience working with children with disabilities and children who display complex behaviours in both early childhood settings, youth care, and school-age care since 1998.

Since 2009, Sandi has been involved in supporting educators and teams to implement the National Quality Framework through various roles. These roles range from individualised in-service coaching and mentoring, presenting at conferences, developing written resources, and consulting in the design of software that supports efficient and effective curriculum planning and service operations. She is highly regarded nationwide as a speaker, coach, mentor and Professional Development Facilitator for the education and care sector.

Dr Louise Porter

Dr. Louise Porter is passionate about safeguarding children’s self-esteem, promoting their social skills, and supporting their resilience in the face of the challenges that life often raises. Louise works to teach children to behave considerately, being mindful of how their behaviour affects others, rather than what consequences it may earn them.

Louise has taught at university, conducted a private practice for 30 years, and worked in both mainstream and disability agencies and schools. Louise is an author and has spoken extensively throughout Australia and internationally.

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