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By Dr Louise Porter

Children's Behaviour Book Pack

Dr Louise Porter's Children's Behaviour Book Pack

Young Children's Behaviour
This text is the equivalent title to Parental guidance recommended, written for early childhood teachers and centre-based care workers. It contains many of the ideas that are recommended for parents but also discusses issues that are specific to working with groups of children, such as managing group story and sleep times, resolving disputes between playmates, programming for children with disabilities or giftedness, collaborating with parents, and developing a centre policy on discipline.

Parental Guidance Recommended
This book replaces the popular Children are people too. Written for parents, it explains that although we often share the same values of the guidance approach, we end up instead using the controlling practices of rewards and punishments. This is mainly because we ourselves were raised that way, and because we get into a dance with our spirited children of coercion on our part and rebellion on theirs. However, the more we try to control these spirited children, the worse their behaviour gets. The book will help parents to prevent behavioural problems in children, support children who are distressed, be assertive when our own needs are not being met, and solve problems collaboratively. It also offers ways to solve persistent behavioural problems and reminds us to be compassionate towards ourselves.

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