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By Monica Millgate

Your Mighty Magnificent Mind by Monica Millgate

This full colour paperback book is a brilliant resource to discuss worry, fears, and strengths with children. Your Mighty, Magnificent Mind speaks to children and encourages them to notice and take control of their fears. It supports children to recognise whether they are really in danger or if it is their very imaginative mind that is telling them a scary story. Children will be reminded to love their mind and be kind to. The story encourages an awareness of using helpful thoughts to take over anxious ones while appreciating their wonderful creativeness all at the same time.

About the Author Monica Millgatge:

Mon is an emerging writer from Canberra, Australia. She started her writing career by entering a competition run by the Sydney Morning Herald at the age of 13 for which received an encouragement award...we knew she was destined for great things.

In 2002, Mon was on the scriptwriting team for Hi-5 in Australia and wrote for the first season. How cool is that?

Mon enjoys writing for children and proudly created Your Mighty Magnificent Mind. Since you've read this far - we'll let you in on a secret... Mon is also working with the team at Phoenix Support for Educators to produce a children's story about children's needs and rights. Eeek!

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