The Educator's Toolkit For Behaviour

Exploring the tools that educators use to understand children’s behaviour  and guide their social decisions

Learn about The Phoenix Cups

The Phoenix Cups, have revolutionised how staff not only work with children’s behavioural learning, but how teams view each other’s behaviour. The approach provides a framework of how to understand and respond positively to different needs profiles to support a strong sense of wellbeing. The Phoenix Cups adds a new perspective to understanding each other and learning to work and live in harmony together.

Participants will explore the reasons and functions that drive children’s behaviour as developing human beings using an analogy about filling cups (The Phoenix Cups Approach) based on many theoretical frameworks and research including Maslow and Glasser.

Educators will be challenged to re-think and re-frame the role of educators in supporting children's emerging social competence, by identifying behavioural challenges as an unmet need or empty cup and addressing this behaviour with a cup filling plan. 

Participants will also explore relationships and interactions with children that keeps cups full. Discuss how educators can build relationships with children and students (fill the love cup first) by focusing on filling all aspects of the Connection Cup; love, belonging, connection, and acceptance. Educators will be encouraged to design strategies in a Cup-filling plan (The Phoenix Cups Approach). 

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What else you can expect from this PD...

This professional development opportunity will either introduce you to the Phoenix Cups approach, or if you are already familiar, provide a revision of the foundation of the framework before exploring wellbeing and social / emotional regulation in more depth.

Listen to a story about ‘Jayden and Sally’ as they illustrates the wellbeing of two children using an analogy about Cups to understand their physiological and psychological needs. Then examine each of the 5 cups in the Phoenix Cups approach to identify ways to ensure 'full cups' in our early learning settings which is equivalent to a strong sense of wellbeing.

Participants will be encouraged to discuss their own case studies and walk away with practical ideas that they can implement immediately.

Unpack common tools used by educators to support behaviour and examine their place in early education

Explore reasons for children’s behaviour – even those that appear to happen for "no reason"

Consider new techniques for guiding children’s behavioural learning

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