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Re-imagining group time, through song


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Discover a fresh approach to together time in early childhood settings using the principles of early childhood music education.

Through this professional support, educators can expect to gain new perspectives on group time, and acquire the confidence and resources to integrate these into their own practice.


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Jen Teh facilitates a practical demonstration highlighting ways in which the principles of early childhood music education can be adapted and integrated into the early childhood education program and practice.

Educators will join Jen as she interacts with the children at their service through song and music. This will be followed by a reflection on the observed interactions. Educators will discuss practical ways they can integrate the underlying principles of early childhood music education into their own practice.

Educator Learning Objectives...
  • Discuss ways to adapt music techniques and resources to suit specific educational environments
  • Discuss and reflect upon both musical and non-musical group time activities
  • Begin to build a repertoire of songs, games and rhymes to use with children
  • Observe musical interactions with 1-2 age groups in your service
  • With guidance, reflect upon the practical demonstration and its long-term applications with specific reference to group time
  • Ensure the integration of music into daily practice adheres to expectations set out in the Early Years Learning Framework

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Join us and re-imagine group time.