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Cultural Competence

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Embedding culture in your program  and practice

This complete PD package has three components including:

* a hands-on incursion with children and educators packed full of fun and storytelling

* a coaching and mentoring session for educational leader and nominated supervisor (or other key management staff) to explore cultural competency

* a facilitated staff meeting to engage in professional conversations around culturally inclusive practices

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Participant Learning Goals:

* Gain awareness of culture and confidence in using resources to embed  culture in educational program and practice

* Engage in hands-on learning to gain practical tools, art, stories, music that can be woven into your curriculum planning and programming

* Professional conversations on culturally inclusive practices in your care environments and service philosophy

Presented by inspiring facilitators who specialise
 in Cultural and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) inclusion

This workshop will be customised  to meet your unique inclusion needs.

Popular themes include:

* Aboriginal Culture

* Torres Strait Island Culture

* Australian Indigenous Cultures (Aboriginal, TSI, ASSI)

* General Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

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