Sponsor Opportunity March - May

Round 1 - Educator's Cup Filling Challenge

With conferences cancelling, and educators turning to online training, this project aims to reach  EVERY educator in Australia to gift our usual $28  Phoenix Cups: My Cup Filling Challenge for  FREE to increase their wellbeing during this difficult time.

Educators are working hard at the moment, often at risk to their own health, with the threat of losing their jobs. They need some Cup filling. 

This will be a great opportunity for companies to align to show they also value supporting educators during this period.

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What are the Phoenix Cups?

The Phoenix Cups Framework helps people understand how to meet their most important life needs, and the needs of those around them, by discovering what Cups they need to keep full, how they influence behaviours, and how we can use them to build relationships in all aspects of life.

The Phoenix Cups have been delivered in keynotes, workshops, and online presentations to thousands of people world wide.

Conferences that we were booked to speak at about The Phoenix Cups between March - June 2020 include the G8 education national conference, the Affinity Education National Conference, The Early Childhood Teacher's Association (ECTA) conference, Kids ELC national conference, the Childspace International Conference, just to name a few. That is many thousands of educators who were looking forward to, but will not be getting access to our presentations due to cancelled conferences. We're asking you to come to the rescue and help us fill Cups. 

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At the conferences mentioned above - we were set to release our The Phoenix Cups: Personal Cup Filling Plan (28-day) online course

The cost of this course was set at $28pp. 

Due to no longer being on stage in front of conference delegates, and as we feel we have a social responsibility to give back to the educators who work so hard, we now want to give this course away for FREE.

When looking back on this period in time - companies will be looking back on who supported the sector and who did not. 

We would like you to be apart of this memorable moment in history. 

1,000 educators per round

The first round seeks to engage 1,000 educators to participate in the online course. Sponsors will have the opportunity to run promotions, etc, that can capture individual email addresses. Emails will be sent by Phoenix Support to all participants on behalf of the sponsors.


The mini course and challenge is completely online, utilising the Thinkfic platform to deliver content and a dedicated Facebook group to create a discussion forum. Educators can participate from home using any device. The proposed free course will be a duplicate of this course  https://phoenix-support.thinkific.com/courses/phoenix-cups

Do Good

This course will unite educators and those that support them, while creating a space to think about, discuss, and take action on their own wellbeing. Educators will be encouraged to learn about different ways to enhance and promote their overall wellbeing. 

Social Media Reach

Recent social media engagement across our two social media facebook pages (Phoenix Support for Educators and The Phoenix Cups), has the projected combined reach of over 22,000 people. The combined mailing list of the two separate websites will reach 33,947. It is therefore anticipated that sponsorship could have your brand in front of a potential 55,947 people.

Additionally, we administrate the Facebook Group - Educators engaging with Educators (12,532 members) , Reflections of an educator (7,519 members) and The Phoenix Cups community (1,556 members).  

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Email reach

We have email databases associated with both Phoenix Support for Educators and The Phoenix Cups. The Phoenix Support for Educators email list of 22,746 has been generated by educators and education and care services opting in to marketing and newsletters from Phoenix Support over the past 9 years. The Phoenix Cups database of 11,201 are respondents to the Phoenix Cups quiz. This combines to a total email reach of 33,947 people.

Minimum Sponsors = Maximum Opportunity

We want to ensure bang for your buck, so we're limiting sponsorship opportunities to a total of 12 sponsors with only 2 offers for each of the Platinum and Gold opportunities. Sponsorship will be via application. Sponsors will be carefully selected to minimise conflict of interests and reduce the likelihood of competing sponsors being in the same round. 

*Penelope QIP is an example Platinum sponsor.

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Choose your sponsorship level - Round 1


sponsor package

$ 1,000 .00

Eight opportunities available
  • Featured in two public social posts
  • Video or written mention inside 1 of the "daily challenges"
  • Dedicated section within the "Meet our sponsors" Chapter
  • Access to the dedicated Facebook support group for duration of challenge
  • One post approved in the dedicated Facebook support group
  • Listed on the course landing page as a silver sponsor
  • Public thank you video from directors


sponsor package

$ 2,500 .00

Two opportunities available
  • Featured in five public social posts or emails
  • Video or mention inside 3 of the "daily challenges"
  • Dedicated half page in the "Meet our sponsors" Chapter
  • Access to the dedicated Facebook support group for duration of challenge
  • Five posts approved in the dedicated Facebook support group
  • Listed on the course landing page near the top of the sponsor list
  • Public thank you video from directors


sponsor package

$ 5,000 .00

Two opportunities available
  • Logo displayed in the corner of the online course videos
  • Featured in every public social post (at least a dozen) or email blast
  • Video or mention inside 6 of the "daily challenges"
  • Dedicated full page in the "Meet our sponsors" Chapter
  • Access to the dedicated Facebook support group for duration of challenge
  • Ten posts approved in the dedicated Facebook support group
  • Listed on the course landing page at the top of the sponsor list
  • Dedicated 5 minute speaker video intro to entire course
  • Public thank you video from directors
  • Free access to our full 6 week workplace wellbeing course for your company staff 
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With the lack of conference opportunities to get in front of delegates, sponsoring this online course will help your business: 

  • Build meaningful partnerships with the education and care community

  • Access to influential decision makers 

  • Increased brand and product awareness

  • Direct access to your target market  

Further philanthropic benefits include: 

  • Supporting the educators during this difficult time

  • Strengthening your brand by humanising it

  • Showing community and corporate responsibility 

  • Supporting this reputable business during difficult financial times


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