The Phoenix Cups - a cup filling plan bundle

The Phoenix Cups - a cup filling plan bundle

We know that when we are 'running on empty', we need to 'put our own oxygen mask on first', because 'you can't pour from an empty cup'. We connect with these phrases. You get that sometimes you feel like you've got nothing left or you're running dangerously low and need to refill. You've heard these sayings many times before. But what is it, this cup of wellbeing that we seem to notice most when it's bone dry?

Are you ready for a great big light bulb of a moment for your team?

Are you ready to take the next step in supporting your team members to look after themselves and in turn the people you love?

Are you ready to see your own behaviours and those of your colleagues and family in a whole new light?

Then sit down with a cuppa, grab your favourite pen, colouring in pencils, or even paints and let's turn on that light bulb, shall we?

What you'll get:
* An A5 15 page 'cup filling plan' booklet for each employee (or family member) to complete
* A tutorial login for each employee to watch a 10 minute video about The Phoenix Cups framework and planning for wellbeing by creating a cup filling plan
* A live facilitator webinar (run quarterly) for 2 leaders from your organisation to discuss your successes and make plans to overcome barriers to implementing The Phoenix Cups wellbeing framework into your organisational culture.

Which bundle do you need?

The SMALL TEAM bundle includes:
* 10 booklets
* 1 month / licence for 10 tutorial video views
* Access to the live facilitator webinar

The COMPANY BUNDLE includes:
* 50 booklets
* 3 months / licence for 50 tutorial video views
* Access to the live facilitator webinar

The BULK BUY PACKAGE includes:
* 200 booklets
* 1 year / licence for 200 tutorial video views
* Access to the live facilitator webinar

This resource package is designed to get all of your team kick to have a foundation understanding of The Phoenix Cups framework. This framework is a philosophy in which your team can share ideas, language and understandings about their own and others behaviour and wellbeing.

The Phoenix Cups Framework:
* Is for facilitating solution focused conversations about working with people;
* Provides a common language to easily communicate ideas with a focus on meeting needs and understanding behaviours while making effective wellbeing plans;
* Facilitates reflection, critical thinking and change around organisational culture; and
* Leads educators and teams to new ways of thinking about their wellbeing.

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