Online Teacher's & Educator's Symposium (TOTES)

Online Teacher's & Educator's Symposium (TOTES)

Join us for a whole year of powerful recorded and live webinars on our online
professional learning symposium.

This online PD platform will inspire you and your team re-think and re-frame the role of teachers and educators in developing innovative solutions to inspire and motivate progress and continuous improvement.

What will you get?

Access to our new online training platform. This is where the recorded sessions will be stored. It will have individual sections, which will be added to monthly and you will be able to track your progress as you move through the program at your own pace.

Access to a variety of Specialists, Presenters, Consultants & Facilitators that will present live webinars and videos on their specialist topics.

LIVE quarterly catch ups with the Phoenix Support Team.

Let's get ready to flex your thinking, question your knowing, and change your practice forever.

2019.... We TOTES got this!!

Bonus Extras:
* Interviews with education and care legends hosted by Sandi Phoenix
* Team Meeting Pack

Downloadable PDF reflection booklet for each monthly video

The 2019 TOTES Line Up

Our TOTES gig guide includes:

Sandi Phoenix
Chris Phoenix
Tara Hill
Dr. Louise Porter
Mia Christensen - QUT
Janice Rocca and Michelle -
(Janice Rocca Consultancy)
Megan Daley - Children's Books Daily
Jen Teh - Hush Little Babies Music
Dr. Chrystal Whiteford - QUT
... and many more

Topics include:

* Educational Leadership & Behaviour Change
* Educator Wellbeing
* Introduction to the Phoenix Cups Framework
* Numeracy and Maths in Early Childhood
* Lighting the way to Literacy
* Documenting to Discover
* Earth Child (Sustainability)
* Raindrops of Diversity (Janice Rocca Consultancy)
* Music in Early Childhood
* Food and Nutrition
* Acknowledgement vs Praise
* An Environment I can BE in
* Inquiry Based Pedagogies
Just to name a few.

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This program is sponsored by The Educator's Symposium & Resource Emporium (ESRE). ESRE have kindly donated a digital download of their My Professional Learning Notebook resource for all TOTES participants. To see more about ESRE resources visit

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