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Phoenix Cups

Phoenix Cups stamp set

Sometimes Educators who use the Phoenix Cups framework just have great ideas! This is one of those times. When Georgia got in touch and said, "I’m reaching out to ask if you could make stamps of the Phoenix Cups symbols?! We utilise the Cup filling plan in individual children's portfolios (because each child fills their Cups differently), but I’d love for us to have access the 5 stamps to document what Cup they are filling throughout observations of their play! Educators could use them throughout documentation, QIP and programming!!". We said "Brilliant! Let's do it!".

So here we are. The set includes a Safety Cup (green ink), a Connection Cup (pink ink), a Mastery Cup (purple ink), a Freedom Cup (blue ink), and a Fun Cup (orange ink). Each stamp is 28mm in diameter.

BUT we've only printed 10 sets to test the waters. So if you're lucky enough to see this, it means there's still some left and you could get your hands on this limited edition stamp set! Enjoy.

Note: Stamps not sold separately

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