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Memory Games - Little Box of Kindness

The Little Box of Kindness memory games encourage children to understand the importance of kindness, confidence, and compassion; whilst helping to develop brain function, memory and focus. This resource is a must have in every classroom - not just because it is GORGEOUS, but also due to the endless inspiration and fun you will have with these incredible cards.

Box 1:
Little Box of Kindness EditionLittle Edition
Product Description: The Little Box of Kindness set teaches young children about loving themselves, being inclusive and accepting of others, positive thinking and using their manners.
Box 2:
Acts of Kindness EditionActs Edition
Product Description: The Acts of Kindness set is designed to inspire children to be inclusive, accepting others for their differences, give without expecting anything in return and show empathy.
Box 3:
Be Kind to the
Environment EditionEnvironment Edition
Product Description: The Be Kind to the Environment set educates children on how to care for our environment throughout their daily activities; to help shape the world they are growing up in.

Specs: 20 cards per box | 80mm x 100mm (cards) | 95mm x 110mm x 30mm (box)

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