Do you want a career inspiring others?

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This could be you! 

Do you love the Phoenix Cups framework and want to spread the word?

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As a Phoenix Cups© certified trainer you will have the... 


Freedom of working for yourself


Love of your work and connecting with others


Fun of bringing joy and learning to others


Power of controlling your own destiny and recognition as a Phoenix Cups affiliate


Go beyond just surviving to thriving and loving your job every day!


You can't pour from an empty cup. You'll have more to give with your cups full. 

Complete Phoenix Cups Workshop

Training Package

An awe inspiring workshop with all the tools you need and tricks of the trade:

Workshop Powerpoint Slides

Training video

PDF hand outs

Resource kit to leave with the inspired team that you are working with

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Get personalised training with Sandi Phoenix to use the workshop tools and tricks of the trade

We have many tools for you to use to help the implementation and learning about the Phoenix Cups framework with more resources being published each year. As part of the Phoenix Cups affiliate inner circle, you'll have them hot off the press with trainer notes and webinars. 

Who is this level of Phoenix Affiliate for?

* A passionate Phoenix Cupser

* Someone interested in moving to a career in training

* A trainer who wants to invest in their mentoring and support with a trusted brand behind them

What does being a certified trainer mean? 

You will get:

* Your own Phoenix Cups Kit Workshop Resource + Phoenix Cup Filling Cards

* 4.5 hours online live Educator's Toolkit for Behaviour training

* 10 hours of coaching and mentoring sessions throughout the year (in person or webinar)

* A Professional Learning Notebook

* 20% off all Phoenix Cups Resources and event tickets for re-sale to your clients.

* Phone and email support and access to video library and Facebook group

* A Reflections of an Educator Journal

* A Phoenix Cups Whiteboard Set for use during your workshops

* 5 x Phoenix Cups Kit Workshop Resources to start you off - this includes 5 Complete training packages to start you off to deliver 5 workshops throughout the year

* Live Train the Trainer webinars throughout the year

* Access to be able to purchase additional Phoenix Cups complete training packages (in the event you book more than 5 in the year) - Includes Powerpoint, Videos and Handouts

* Referrals and endorsement from Phoenix Support as a certified Phoenix Cups trainer 


You can:

* Advertise that you are a Phoenix Cups certified trainer

* Deliver training sessions solely focused on the Phoenix Cups (other affiliate levels may only use The Phoenix Cups as less than 30% of their training session)

* Use the certified Phoenix Cups Powerpoint Presentation, Handouts and Videos (including a video of Sandi Phoenix telling 'The Jayden and Sally story')

*Access the Phoenix Cups Complete training package. This is an additional cost for each Phoenix Cups workshop that you run that you pass on to your client.  

How much does it cost? 

$278 per month / Billed Annually (however monthly payment plans can be arranged)

Being a certified trainer is a total investment of $3336 per year. This investment gives you exclusive access to Phoenix Cups resources to deliver to your clients. It also allows you to sell resources and tickets to events with commission if you wish. 

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Want more info about becoming a Phoenix Cups certified trainer? 

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