Parts, pieces, and play;

an educator’s exploration of Loose parts, Playwork, and Schematic play.

Join us for a day of fun as we turn Pedagogy, Practices, and Principles into Parts , Pieces , and Play !

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In-service Worskhop

Get your team together for a quality PD session with an experienced specialist. Our specialists are fluent in the principles of playwork, know their stuff (theory and research), AND will share with you how they've implemented it successfully into high quality programs for children.

This workshop can be tailored for OSHC, LDC, FDC, or any space where there's children!

Coaching and Mentoring

Your facilitator will join you for a day at your service, and walk beside you, cheering you on and supporting you as you implement what you have learnt.

Gain confidence to excel

Our team are only a phone call away at any time. You can contact us afterwards to troubleshoot barriers and celebrate successes. Together, we've got this!

Choose from these themes

Your in-service event or conference will be entirely customised around your training needs. Choose from the following topic customisations...

Understanding Playwork

Explore how to apply playwork principles in the design of authentic play spaces and experiences for children.

loose parts         

Learn about the theory of loose parts and it's practical application in a play setting.

Rough anD tumble

Learn about the benefits of rough play, how to support it, as well as the clues to identify play versus aggression.

Our specialists travel all over Australia - they come to you!

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