Working with Phoenix Support for Educators

Flexible options for experts and specialists

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Let's do some fun stuff! 

Phoenix Support for Educators are a team of coaches, mentors, and specialists who know our stuff. We are committed to delivering professional development that is customised, fun, and engaging.

We support educators - it's our job. 

If we've sent you this link, it means we'd love you to join our team of experts and specialists who deliver Professional Development to educators across the country. 

Affiliating with Phoenix Support for Educators will get you:

* Exposed to our 8,000 social media followers from all over the globe

* Connected with our 15,000 Facebook Group members

* Marketed via our email network to 15,000 education and care services across Australia

* Connected with a trusted brand with a reputation for excellence (and fun!). 

Exclusive Facilitator

A Phoenix Support for Educators team member

Featured on our website

We'll feature your profile on the Meet the Team section of our website. This allows clients to find you on our website, check out the workshops you offer, and book you specifically. We'll also link your bio to the workshop you deliver.

We'll return the exclusivity

You'll get our preference. Whenever we are designing Professional Learning Plans or Conferences for clients, you'll be our go to. We give Exclusive Facilitators opportunities before offering to our extended network of Casual Contractors. 

We'll market you

Flyers and marketing material for your workshop will be designed and distributed. We'll actively promote you and your workshop through our social media channels, email network, and at conferences & events. 

We're your personal booking agency

We take care of client correspondence, quotes, and bookings through our website. You can also send leads and enquiries to us, and our full time customer relationship manager will nurture them. If it's your preference, we'll also book all your travel and send you an itinerary. 

This is for you...

If you are not currently running an independent Professional Development service for educators (or you wish to cease your independent service).

               If you would love all your marketing and bookings being taken care of for you.

               If you would like to host your workshops and bio on our website and share them                    to your network, allowing your network to book via our website.

               If you would like to forward all of your Professional Development enquiries to us                    to take care of for you.

               If you would like us to prioritise your workshops and market you to our audience.

               If you are excited by the idea of all of the above.

Casual Contractor

Join our network of contractors

Featured on our website

We'll feature your profile on the Meet the Team section of our website. This allows clients to find you on our website, checkout the workshops you offer, and book you specifically.

We'll share your bio

When we design a Professional Learning Plan for a client, we'll send a variety of recommended bios. Yours will be included in the plan if a needs analysis determines a need for your expertise. 

We'll keep you in mind whenever we need your expertise

When we are contacted by a service who requires a specialist in your area, we'll provide them with your bio and some information about what you can do. If, however, we have an Exclusive Facilitator with similar talents who is available, they are offered the job first. 

This is for you if...

If you are already successfully running a Professional Development service for educators (or you wish to run one independently). If you wish to affiliate with and contract to other Professional Development companies. 

Where to next

Send us your terms

The next steps are easy. Send us an email outlining if you'd prefer to be a Exclusive Facilitator or Casual Contractor, and request a contract. Also, email us through your bio and profile pic.

We'll then send you a contract where you let us know your terms such as: 

- What is your hourly rate for in-service workshop delivery? 

- Would you be happy to deliver one on one coaching & mentoring, visiting early childhood classrooms, or School Age Care programs during service operational hours?

- Do you deliver Conference Presentations? If yes, what is your day rate for travelling to a Conference and presenting to a large audience? 

- Do you sell resources? Would you like us to feature your resources on our online Shop? 

- Would you like to travel? Which states / regions are you happy to go to? Where would you prefer not to work? If you'd like to travel, would you prefer to book your own travel and invoice us for reimbursement, or would you prefer we book and pay for all of your travel?

Easy! We can't wait to get started. Please feel free to phone the office any time on 07 3305 0282.