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Anything is possible
By Sandi Phoenix
Education and care is changing. Quality education and care is no longer rigid, inflexible and bound by kilometres of red tape. It is now flexible, innovative, adaptive, responsive. This taking some getting used to… but it's so super exciting.
Take a look at this for example… the photo that broke the internet in September 2015.

Within three days, 50 000 thousand educators had viewed, liked and shared this photo. I still see it today, printed and pinned to vision boards all over the country. What is it about this pic that attracted all that staff room conversation?
My guess… It's challenging the norm.
It stands for "Anything is possible". It's breaking routines embedded in traditional practices in education and care for decades.
It says "I respect children enough to put them first" (dishes did not get done at rest time on this day.. and that's ok).
It says "it's ok to think outside the box". It shows that the educators are trusted in their professionalism to make decisions for children.
It challenges us to think… "what else could we do differently?".
Education and Care in Australia is the coolest place to work in right now. I love it. I am blessed to work alongside incredible, brave, creative, caring, dynamic educators and advocates for children.
To all educators who smiled on the inside when they saw this photo before they assessed the risks. Thank you for being you.
Kindest Regards,

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