March and April 2019

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Goodstart teachers conference VIC 2019

2nd - 4th April

Chris Phoenix, Sandi Phoenix and Megan Daley from Team Phoenix will be heading to Melbourne to deliver keynotes and workshop presentations around Wellbeing, Phoenix Cups, Children's Behaviour, and embedding literacy in early childhood settings for all Goodstart teachers across Victoria. 

Childhood Summit 2019

28th-30th March

Childhood In Action

Sandi Phoenix will be running the Early Childhood Bus Tour

This intimate tour will focus on examples, connections, and conversations about providing a child-centric early learning program. 

This tour is specifically designed for early childhood educators and leaders. Approved providers and nominated supervisors who are focused on creating an early learning service with a difference should also not miss this unique opportunity. 

Tour led by Sandi Phoenix, Principal Facilitator at Phoenix Support for Educators

Register for the summit here  

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ECA Far North Coast Conference 2019

Friday 29th and Saturday 30th March 2019 in Kingscliff NSW

Sandi Phoenix will be presenting a leadership workshop: Strong Leaders, Stronger Teams. 

Sandi Phoenix and Dr Louise Porter will also be presenting a full day Children's behaviour Masterclass. 

This event has sold out. 

Parent TV - Responding to behaviour challenges in today's kids

Saturday March 23rd 2019 in Brisbane at Cloudland

Sandi Phoenix will be contributing to the discussion via a panel.

To Register Click Here 


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The ACT director's association conference

Thursday 21st March 2019 in Sutton Forest NSW

 Chris Phoenix will be presenting Educator Wellbeing and Sandi Phoenix will be presenting Strong Leader's Stronger teams at a retreat for ACT directors. 

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G8 Education 2019 Conference

March 19th 2019 at the Gold Coast Convention Centre

Sandi Phoenix will be presenting an opening Key Note at the G8 Education conference bringing together 500+ centre managers from all over Australia. 

Keynote: It’s not attention seeking, it’s connection seeking.

Through story and metaphor, Sandi will explain a theoretical framework around basic human life needs as motivators for human behaviour. Educators will be inspired to revisit their image of the child and think differently about power over approaches to ‘managing’ children’s behaviour. The session will provide educators with a practical framework, The Phoenix Cups, that will allow them to immediately make more effective decisions about supporting children’s behavioural learning. Through a story about Jet pack man, participants will explore pedagogy and play through various lenses including fun and connection.

Click here to see pictures from this event


The Transform Challenging Behavior Online Conference

April 3-9th 2019

Sandi speaks with Barb O'Neill about children's behaviour and all things Cups #phoenixcups #tcboc

Register for FREE here   

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January and February 2019

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Offspring Education Podcast

🌟  5 Cups an Educator MUST be Filling to Feel Fulfillment  🌟

Do not miss this if you're an EDUCATOR!

Our Founder Lara Jennings sat down (across the phone lines) with Sandi Phoenix from  Phoenix Support for Educators . They recorded a fantastic PODCAST - talking everything Phoenix Cups in celebration of Feel Good February  🧡  (good vibes & good deeds for the world).

If you're an EDUCATOR you certainly will be filling MANY cups... the cups of the children you care for and perhaps the cups of your fellow Educators...

BUT, you can't fill from an empty cup! As an Educator, YOU are responsible for filling your own cups (or at least making a plan to fill your cups). Once you are filling your cups, you can then pour into others.

* What do you do to fill your cups?
* Did you know you need to be filling your own cup before pouring into another's cup?
* Have you ever filled a fellow educators cup through a good deed or a random act of kindness?
* Has a fellow educator ever done this for YOU?

We would love to know. And we are sure other Educators would too. Please share!

Here's a link to the PODCAST with Lara Jennings and Sandi Phoenix 
👉 Listen to the Podcast Here


Sesame Lane Conference

Saturday 23rd February in Redcliffe

2019 Sesame Lane Professional Development Conference done and dusted! This year's theme was 'One Dream, One Team' and included presentations by sector leaders in behaviour guidance, risk assessment, assessment & rating processes and best programming & practice guidelines.

Thank you to our 200+ Educators who came along on Saturday to make the day inspiring, full learning and of course fun.

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